The New IQ: Use Your Working Memory to Think Stronger, Smarter, Faster

By Tracy Alloway and Alloway

Working memory is the smart new way to improve your performance – whether studying for exams or looking to make progress in your career.

  • Is there a way to better manage my schedule?
  • What can I do to boost me up the career ladder?
  • How can I learn to face each day with more confidence?

The answer to all these questions is: improve your working memory!

Tracy and Ross Alloway, leading experts, show how working memory is the key to all that and more. They present important and recent breakthroughs in the field, including research on how Facebook can become ‘Smartbook’, how working memory can improve your children’s marks, how it changes as you age, and how working memory is linked with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and Alzheimer’s.

But here’s the best news: You can improve your working memory! This book will give you three tests to find out how good your working memory is – and over 50 targeted exercises so you can sharpen it.

‘The New IQ’ offers unprecedented insight into one of the most important cognitive breakthroughs in recent years – a vital new approach to making your brain stronger, smarter and faster.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 17 Jul 2014
Pages: 352
ISBN: 978-0-00-755036-4
Tracy Alloway, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at the University of North Florida. Formerly, she was the Director of the Centre for Memory and Learning in the Lifespan. She is an expert on working memory and education, and developed the internationally recognized Alloway Working Memory Assessment. She writes a blog for Psychology Today.Ross Alloway, PhD, CEO of Memosyne Ltd, brings working memory training to educators and parents. Ross developed Jungle Memory, used by thousands of students in over twenty countries.Together, they have edited an academic book on working memory (Psychology Press) and has published research on working memory in a variety of contexts, from education to ageing, from happiness to lying, from barefoot running to Facebook. Their research has been featured on BBC, ABC News, Huffington Post, Salon, The Washington Post, and Newsweek. They have lived in El Salvador, Scotland, and currently live in Jacksonville, Florida.

”'Finally a book that debunks IQ as the biggest key to success. Tracy and Ross Alloway have identified the single most important skill for determining a person's success in our modern world. The fun and friendly exercises in the book bring it out in you. A must for anyone who wants to unleash inner genius.” - Dave Farrow, Two Time Guinness record Holder for Greatest Memory