Where’s My Guitar?: An Inside Story of British Rock and Roll

By Bernie Marsden

‘A page turner…and then some!’ Chris Evans

‘An absorbing memoir.’ Classic Rock Magazine

‘A very enjoyable rock-n-roll memoir that is not just for fans, but for anyone interested in this classic era of the British rock scene’ The Afterword

A fascinating insight into the golden-age of 1970s and 80s rock and roll told through the eyes of music legend Bernie Marsden and, most notably, his role in establishing one of the world’s most famous rock bands of all time – Whitesnake.

‘A compelling journey in the company of a masterful (and mercifully ego-free) musician. I saved it like a cherished slab of vinyl.’ Ian Rankin

Touring with AC/DC. Befriending The Beatles. Writing one of the world’s most iconic rock songs.

This is the story of a young boy from a small town who dreamt of one day playing the guitar for a living – and ended up a rock n’ roll legend.

It follows Bernie Marsden’s astonishing career in the industry – from tours in Cold War Germany and Franco’s Spain, to meeting and befriending George Harrison and touring Europe with AC/DC. It’s a story of hard graft, of life on the road, of meeting and playing with your heroes, of writing iconic rock songs – most notably the multi-million selling hit ‘Here I Go Again’ – and of being in one of the biggest rock bands of all time. At age 30, Bernie left Whitesnake due to serious conflict with his management, something he explores in this memoir for the very first time.

Packed with stories and encounters with the likes of Ringo Starr, Elton John, Cozy Powell, Ozzy Osborne, B.B. King and Jon Lord, this is not just a remarkable look into the highs and lows of being a true music legend, but an intimate account of the revolutionary impact rock and roll music has offered to the world.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 03 Aug 2021
Pages: 288
ISBN: 978-0-00-835659-0
Bernie Marsden is an English Blues-Rock guitarist. In the late 1970s, Bernie joined David Coverdale in the newly formed Whitesnake, helping to establish the band as one of the most successful live rock bands in Europe and Japan. In 1982 Bernie co-wrote the multi-million selling hit ‘Here I Go Again’ before leaving Whitesnake – this song then topped the US charts in 1987 and is known today as one of the biggest rock anthems of all time.

”A page turner…and then some!” - Chris Evans

”'An absorbing memoir.” - Classic Rock Magazine

”'A rollicking memoir by one of the prime exponents of Seventies and Eighties British hard rock, full of the kind of bad behaviour and back-stabbing you’d expect but written with a real sense of fun” - Choice Magazine

”'A very enjoyable rock-n-roll memoir that is not just for fans, but for anyone interested in this classic era of the British rock scene, and that highlights the fact that, as well as being a first-class guitarist, the author is first and foremost a music fan” - The Afterword

”'Fabulous anecdotes and stories…a fascinating, affectionate and humorous account of the crazy, creative life of a great musician.” - Bob Harris

”'Bernie Marsden is a musical treasure…I don't think people know ALL he has done and just how much he was a part of the early British rock scene to present day. It's all in here. READ THIS BOOK!” - Steve Lukather, Toto

”'Guitar hero, rock legend, and mega-hit songwriter…a true living legend. This memoir gives a fascinating personal look into one of Britain’s most brilliant musicians, and some of the greatest rock music ever created.” - James Jared Nichols

”'Hugely entertaining.” - Paul Jones

”'One of the iconic musicians of his generation.” - Pat Cash