The Wrong Kind of Shirts 2: More curious quips and wild accusations from the soccer world

By Mark Reynolds

The successor to the hugely successful collection of football wisdom, outrage and verbal mayhem, The Wrong Kind of Shirts, this time including the t-shirts!

A glorious year of footballing infelicities from the self-destruction of Kevin Keegan, depressed at being able to beat Spurs only by a margin of 7-1, the continuing saga of the thinking behind the changing managers of Manchester City , Psycho at the reins for Nottingham Forrest, Graham Poll the most hated referee for years, Alex Ferguson arguing that one of his own players should be sent off (is he never happy?) Middlesbrough’s expensive foreign imports becoming fractious, advertising for their own transfersand just squeaking past non-league opposition in the FA Cup, Brighton’s storming season towards mutually assured destruction and the peerless thoughts of St Glenn Of England as qualifying for the 1998 World Cup becomes a matter of faith and prayer. All this plus the developing artform of players’ vests… A vintage collection of hilarious accusation and bizarre counter-claim.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 06 Nov 1997
Pages: 144
ISBN: 978-1-85702-760-0
Mark Reynolds is a freelance copy-writer and designer in television and publishing and is a founder member of the obscure Sunday-league team Dynamo Digbeth who, like all real men, do not wear vests.