The Museum of Things Left Behind

By Seni Glaister

Escape into this hugely enjoyable, big-hearted and beautifully written novel, set in Vallerosa, a European country you’ve never heard of before.


Vallerosa is every tourist’s dream – a tiny, picturesque country surrounded by lush valleys and verdant mountains; a place sheltered from modern life and the rampant march of capitalism. But in isolation, the locals have grown cranky, unfulfilled and disaffected. In the Presidential Palace hostile Americans, wise to the country’s financial potential, are circling like sharks …

Can the town be fixed? Can the local bar owners be reconciled? Can an unlikely visitor be the agent of change and rejuvenation this broken idyll is crying out for?

Full of wisdom, humour and light, THE MUSEUM OF THINGS LEFT BEHIND is a heart-warming fable for our times that asks us to consider what we have lost and what we have gained in modern life. A book about bureaucracy, religion and the people that really get things done, it is above all else a hymn to the inconstancy of time and the pivotal importance of a good cup of tea.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 21 May 2015
Pages: 432
ISBN: 978-0-00-811895-2
Seni Glaister has worked in bookselling since 1988. The mother of four children, she uses her spare time (when she is not working or reading) to raise pigs, confide in her cattle, climb mountains, make wine and write. She has recently led a management buy out of The Book People, one of the UK\'s favourite booksellers and she is currently planning a long cold walk to the South Pole.

”'Charming, captivating and absorbing. I love this book!” - Catherine Alliott

”'Transports the reader to an enchanting world of wisdom, humour and warmth. I am already longing for Seni Glaister’s next novel” - Cathy Kelly

”'A dream of a book” - Polly Vernon, GRAZIA

”Funny, wise and charming” - DAILY MAIL

”'Fans of Marina Lewycka will enjoy this debut … As sweet as ice-cream” - METRO

”'A witty, feel-good read” - GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

'Sunny, charming, and as playful as Stella Gibbons or EF Benson, The Museum of Things Left Behind took me on holiday to the tiny imaginary country of Vallerosa, and returned me with the wonderful feeling of having spent time with an uplifting friend.' Laline Paull, author of THE BEES -