The City of Your Final Destination

By Peter Cameron

This startling, beautiful novel set in South America explores the mysterious concepts of love and home.

Omar has won an award to write the authorised biography of a celebrated yet obscure writer, Jules Gund, author of ‘The Gondola’. It only remains for him to obtain permission from Gund’s literary executors: his widow, his mistress and his brother. Their lives still revolve around Ochos Rios, a dilapidated mansion in Uruguay that Gund’s parents built after fleeing Nazi Germany. The three cannot agree to approve the work – although Adam Gund feels sure this will not stop Omar, because biographers are clever, vindictive, ruthless people.

If Omar cannot reverse the executors’ decision, he will lose his award, his job and, perhaps, his redoubtable girlfriend. Not allowing himself time for reflection, Omar acts on instinct and flies to Uruguay. There, he disturbs the uneasy intimacy of the world Gund has left behind and changes it forever.

A writer of unusual restraint and sly humour, Peter Cameron brings a light touch to this romantic, moving story.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 06 May 2002
Pages: 320
ISBN: 978-1-85702-972-7
Author of the highly acclaimed The Weekend and Andorra (both published by Fourth Estate) Peter Cameron has also written for The New Yorker, Grand Street, and The Paris Review. He lives in New York.

”'Light, moving, revealing of human desires and needs, and ultimately of human goodness.” - Lucia Graves, Daily Telegraph

”''The City of Your Final Destination' is suavely, almost languidly written; the elegant skimming prose conjures up social and cultural divisions, though the love story provides some surprising twists and turns…the overall effect is of a pleasurable melancholy, a sophisticated, slightly old-fashioned romance.” - Lindsay Duguid, Sunday Times