The Calligrapher

By Edward Docx

A gripping story of modern-day love and old-fashioned revenge. He is not quite as clever as he thinks he is. She is smarter than she seems.

Jasper thinks that he has found the perfect life. A world-class calligrapher and a serial seducer, he is happily transcribing the immortal songs and sonnets of John Donne for his wealthy patron. But when a shameless infidelity catches up with him, things begin to unravel. Worse still, one afternoon the perfect woman turns up beneath his studio window and he realises that he will have to abandon everything to win her.

Brilliantly written, stylish and very funny, ‘The Calligrapher’ is about the difference between men and women, about deception and honesty, and the timeless pursuit of love.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 02 Feb 2004
Pages: 448
ISBN: 978-1-84115-544-9
Edward Docx is a prize-winning British writer. His first novel, The Calligrapher, was short-listed for both the William Saroyan prize and the Guilford Prize. The San Francisco Chronicle called it a best debut book of the year. This was followed by Pravda (2007, entitled Self Help in the UK), which was long-listed for the Man-Booker Prize (2007) and won the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize (2007). His third novel was The Devil’s Garden (2011), now in production with Mandabach Productions. His latest novel Let Go My Hand was published in 2017.

”'Stylish, witty, cleverly written. A brilliant debut.” - Daily Mail

”'A harsh moral fable. An arresting debut and promise of more to come.” - Spectator

”'A wonderful novel…Achieves the rare feat of being bookish and sussed in the same breath.” - Matt Beaumont

”'Fascinating and very funny. Jasper Jackson is a fine creation.” - Niall Griffiths