Take Note

By Toni Tone

Following on from her Sunday Times bestseller, I Wish I Knew This Earlier, Toni Tone is back again – and this time, filled with advice that goes beyond our dating and romantic lives.

‘In my opinion, change as a form of evolution is wonderful, because nobody should stay exactly the same forever. If you’re not evolving or growing, what are you doing? Embrace personal change if it means the you of today is better than you of yesterday.’

Do you wish you had more confidence in yourself?

Are your friendships changing as you get older and you’re not sure how manage it?

Is your career unfulfilling or taking over your life?

These are the kinds of issues that Toni Tone explores in her brand-new book, Take Note: Real Life Lessons. Threading in her own experiences, and in particular, what she took away from her twenties, Toni provides genuine and insightful advice on a whole array of topics.

Everything from ageing to making (and ending) friendships, to reinventing yourself and challenging your comfort zone, to ignoring ‘deadlines’ and going at your own pace – Take Note has all of the ingredients you’ll need to reach your fullest potential, in one handy, accessible place.

Author: Toni Tone
Format: Paperback (A Format)
Release Date: 07 Feb 2023
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9780008556136

Toni Tone is an award-winning speaker, writer and social content creator. She is best known for her writing on Twitter, which averages over 40 million impressions a month and her eye-opening and insightful tweets have been featured in publications such as The Independent, Elle, Cosmopolitan and many more. She is also the host of her own podcast Money Moves with Toni Tone on Radio 1 Xtra. Toni is also the first ever ambassador for the charity Young Women’s Trust. Her first book, I Wish I Knew This Earlier, was a Sunday Times best-seller.

Reviews for I Wish I Knew This Earlier

‘Relatable and insightful…Tone’s approach could be characterised as crisp but kind, with a writing style that is eminently accessible and inclusive, providing just the kind of big-sisterly feel she originally aspired to.’

‘This book is scarily accurate. There were so many times where I was adamant that Toni was talking specifically to and about me. I can see identical versions of my friends and I in every single lesson, there were so many points where I literally wanted to screenshot a whole page, send it to my friend and say 'LOOOOOOOOOK IT'S YOU!” Spoiler alert: Everyone I know is getting a copy of this book for their next birthday.’