Sea State

By Tabitha Lasley

Sea State marks the arrival of a gifted and exciting new voice’ Jon McGregor, author of Reservoir 13


A candid examination of the life of North Sea oil riggers, and an explosive portrayal of masculinity, loneliness and female desire.

In her mid-30s and sprung out of a terrible relationship, Tabitha quit her job at a women’s magazine, left London and put her savings into a six-month lease on a flat in a dodgy neighbourhood in Aberdeen – she was going to make good on a long-deferred idea for a book about oil rigs and the men who work on them. Why oil rigs? “I wanted to see what men were like, with no women around.”

Sea State is, on the one hand, a portrait of an overlooked industry, and a fascinating subculture in its own right: ‘offshore’ is a way of life for generations of British workers, primarily working class men. Offshore is also a potent metaphor for a lot of things we might rather keep at bay – class, masculinity, the North-South divide, the transactional nature of desire, the terrible slipperiness of the ladder that could lead us towards (or away from) real security, just out of reach.‎

And Sea State is, too, the story of a journalist whose distance from her subject becomes perilously thin. In Aberdeen, when she’s not researching the book, Tabitha takes pills and dances with a forgotten kind of abandon – reliving her Merseyside youth, when the music was good and the boys were bad. Twenty years on, there is Caden: a married rig worker who spends three weeks on and three weeks off. Alone and increasingly precarious, she dives in deep. The relationship, reckless and explosive, lays them both bare.‎

Format: ebook
Release Date: 04 Feb 2021
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-839095-2
Tabitha Lasley was a journalist for ten years. She has lived in London, Johannesburg and Aberdeen. This is her first book.

'A breathtaking memoir … The prose is stunning: gimlet-eyed and brutal' Tomiwa Owolade, Sunday Times, Books of the Year -

”'Contemporary writing at its finest, without any hint of effort, egoism or pretentiousness on Lasley’s part. She is an astoundingly good writer, and this is an astoundingly good book” - Irish Times

”'These are powerful and moving stories of working lives in a dangerous and all-male environment, made all the more powerful by the way Lasley refuses to absent herself from the telling. The writing is carefully and unobtrusively polished, with hard edges and unflinching clarity …  Sea State marks the arrival of a gifted and exciting new voice” - Jon McGregor, author of Reservoir 13

”'It’s extraordinary. It takes you places so few books do … it gets inside the heads that are mostly ignored by publishing” - Observer

”'A startlingly original study of love, masculinity and the cost of a profession that few outside of it can truly understand” - Guardian

”'She has the skill, a Joan Didion kind of skill, of inflecting non-fiction material subjectively, a habit of assessing situations via her nervous system … Sea State has all the presentness of fiction, as well as the exactitude of the non-fiction novel and the gleam of confession” - Andrew O’Hagan, author of Mayflies, LRB

”'Acidic, addictive reporting with a fictional veneer. Sea State’s writing alone is worth the admission price” - Financial Times

”'A powerful blend of journalism and memoir … Beautifully written, disquieting, it reminds me of Lisa Taddeo’s Three Women” - David Nicholls, author of Sweet Sorrow

'Piercing, brutally candid, addictive. A memoir like no other … If you were gripped by Lisa Taddeo's Three Women, this is for you' Rachel Cooke, author of Her Brilliant Career -

”'Incredibly compelling” - Sarah Hall, author of Burntcoat