Old Dogs, New Tricks

By Linda Phillips

The second novel by the author of Puppies are for Life, is another light-hearted comedy of manners. Following a change in her husband’s career, Marjorie Benson suddenly finds that she has to uproot herself in mid-life and start afresh.

Marjorie Benson is a product of her generation. Born in the Forties with few educational qualifications she was raised to be a wife and mother only.

She is married to ‘old dog’ Phil, a marketing director who fancies himself as much as he is fancied by many other women. Just when Marjorie is starting to take control of her life, secretly poised to take over the running of her father-in-law’s shops, Phil is offered a new job which means they must uproot and relocate to Bristol.

Thwarted in her attempts at starting a proper career for the first time in her life and furious when Phil starts an affair in Bristol, Marjorie decides that it is time for revenge…

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 04 Feb 1999
Pages: 384
ISBN: 978-1-85702-606-1
Linda Phillips is in her early fifties. A former civil servant, she started writing when her two children left home. Old Dogs, New Tricks is her second novel.