Meetings with Moths: Discovering their Mystery and Extraordinary Lives

By Katty Baird

Mossy greens, conker browns, cream, chocolate and deepest black; add stripes, swirls and splotches and you have some of the most striking wildlife Britain has to offer.

In Meetings with Moths ecologist Katty Baird roams Scotland seeking out, documenting and observing moths. Green Longhorns, Pimpinel Pugs and Peacock Moths are just some of the species that catch her attention as she climbs into holes, ventures behind waterfalls and wanders forests with her boundless curiosity.

But you needn’t travel far and wide to see beautiful moths. Katty shows that you can easily enjoy discovering moths and caterpillars without specialist knowledge by creating your own light trap or simply looking more closely at your immediate landscape.

Meetings with Moths is a story about green health and the power of a passion to sustain us.

Format: Digital download
Release Date: 27 Apr 2023
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-847409-6
Following a Zoology degree and PhD, Katty Baird continued in academia as a postdoctoral research fellow, studying insect-plant interactions. She now works as an ecologist, recording and monitoring invertebrates throughout Scotland. She is shortlisted for NBN wildlife recording award 2020. In 2019/20 she wrote a popular blog, recording moths on the Whittingehame Estate in East Lothian.

”'This is a lovely book, which evokes the thrill of the chase” - Caroline Moore, Spectator

”'An utter delight . . . A wonderful and insightful reminder of the pleasures (and importance) of spending time immersed and distracted by the natural world” - Professor Helen Roy MBE. HON. FRES

”'This book is a revelation . . . Baird is a captivating guide to the surprising world of this astonishingly diverse creature - and indeed, that of the people who pursue them” - Susan Flockhart, The Herald

”'Illuminates the world of mystery and wonder that these much-maligned creatures inhabit . . . By opening our eyes to the delights of these winged wonders, her remarkable book can guide all of us back towards the light” - Scottish Daily Mail