Master it: How to cook today

By Rory O'Connell

Winner of the André Simon Food Book Award.

A personal cookery lesson from one of our finest cookery teachers.

Nowadays we seem to know a lot about food, but much less about actual cooking. In Master It, Rory O’Connell, co-founder with Darina Allen of the Ballymaloe Cookery School, will teach you simple but essential skills to make you a truly good cook. At the heart of his approach are good ingredients, carefully prepared, and used in recipes that are tried, tested, carefully measured, and full of the essential tips and details that will make your dishes a success.

Each chapter will teach you a particular technique – preparing a soup, roasting meat, making biscuits – and include a collection of fresh, seasonal recipes to use it in, from wild garlic soup, to roast pork with fennel seeds, chilli and garlic, to caramel and almond thins.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 23 May 2013
Pages: 576
ISBN: 978-0-00-744728-2
Having spent more than twenty years cooking in the world\'s finest kitchens, Rory O\'Connell is uniquely equipped to share his expertise and knowledge with others.After training at Ballymaloe House with Myrtle Allen, the grand-dame of Irish country house cooking, Rory left East Cork for Paris, where he worked as part of the team charged with establishing Ballymaloe, La Ferme Irlandaise.In 1985 Rory founded Ballymaloe Cookery School with his sister Darina Allen. The success of the school soon saw Rory’s influence the style of various cookery books, TV shows and international food publications. Also during this period, Rory worked with Nico Ladenis at Chez Nico, London and Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons in Oxford.Not confined to the classroom or kitchen, Rory has also acted as a food ambassador for Ireland, addressing both the hospitality and tourism industry at home and abroad.In 1994, he returned to Ballymaloe House for a ten year tenure as Head Chef, during which he won praise from patrons and peers, and was twice awarded the prestigious title of Ireland’s Chef of the Year. Following this, Rory joined Chez Panisse, California, where he shared with Alice Waters a mutual philosophy based on the strength of ingredients and cooking techniques.Today, Rory teaches at the Ballymaloe Cookery School and consults for restaurants throughout the country. Rory\'s passion for refining our palates and our methods of preparing and cooking food has inspired him to provide a wide range of bespoke cookery classes, catering for all levels and both groups and individuals, at his 18th century farmhouse near Shanagarry, in East Cork.

”'If you pursue O'Connell's chatty pages on grilled sea bass or casserole-roast chicken with watercress, the result should be a small masterpiece.” - Independent, Books of the Year

”'Rory O’Connell, a dedicated teacher and inspiring chef, offers all the basic knowledge you need to cook with ease, to perfection and ethically, while guiding you through a repertoire of entirely delicious, eclectic, aromatic, enchanting recipes.” - Claudia Roden

”'Rory O’Connell cooks like an angel - with this book, you can too.” - Thomasina Miers

”'Rory’s cooking is thoughtful, heartfelt and generous. His knowledge is immense and his attention to detail second to none. To sit at Rory's table is pure joy. I don’t know if everybody has a favourite cook but I know I do. Mine is Rory O’Connell!” - Skye Gyngell

”'As you read 'Master It' you hear Rory's warm, patient voice guiding you through the basics. I loved learning to cook from Rory, and with this book everyone can experience his incredible wisdom in the kitchen.” - Stevie Parle

”'O'Connell offers an elegant template to an understanding of good food. A grounding in everything you need to know, effortlessly explained. The man is revered by Claudia Roden - need we say more?” - Observer Food Monthly, 'Food Books of the Year’