Love Bites: Marital Skirmishes in the Kitchen

By Christopher Hirst

A witty culinary exploration of both the unusual and the familiar, written by former Independent columnist, Chris Hirst.

On his perilous culinary mission into the kitchen, Hirst proudly seeks to reclaim some of the greatest dishes in modern-day cuisine that we have become bizarrely indifferent to as a nation.

Peppered throughout with the piquant comments and trenchant opinions of Mrs H, acting as a vocal – though not always enthusiastic – participant, Hirst’s lively instruction includes such dining delights as the quintessentially English treat of the pork pie, the history of the humble rhubarb stick and forays into the kitchen to make sticky Seville orange marmalade and grown-up biscuits including dubious amounts of absinthe.

Tackling important questions such as the correct pronunciation of a certain cheesy snack (clearly Welsh rabbit not rarebit), and probing what it was exactly that fascinated our ancestors so much about blancmange (was it the inclusion of meat?), Hirst might not promise perfect results, but guarantees intriguing historical discussion about age-old culinary classics.

Format: ebook
Release Date: 04 Mar 2010
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-735715-4
Chris Hirst has written for the Daily Telegraph and the Independent and commentates regularly on current food issues. He was nominated for the Glenfiddich Best Food Writer Award in 2007 for his former \'Weasel\' column in the Independent.