Laura Blundy

By Julie Myerson

From the author of Me and the Fat Man comes a tale of murder and love – and the unspeakable and tragic extremes of loss and need.

He is a big man – five eleven in his stockinged feet – and I am not a hefty woman.

It takes several goes. But I have surprise on my side. In the end I use my crutches as well. I don’t stop till he’s down and twitching, till he’s stopped shouting and screaming, till he’s down.

On a humid, thundery afternoon, Laura commits an appalling act. Or is it so appalling to free yourself, to run after the only passion you’ve ever known? It is Billy who has to find an answer – Billy, fifteen years younger than her and already a father of five. But what he doesn’t know yet is that Laura also had a child, a child she gave up to the Foundling Hospital and whose memory will shape their future together in unimaginable ways.

Julie Myerson’s new novel moves through a Victorian London which is tender, murky unsettling. An eerily unforgettable love story.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 06 Apr 2000
Pages: 272
ISBN: 978-1-84115-320-9
Julie Myerson was born in Nottingham in 1960. She is the author of 3 previous novels, Sleepwalking, The Touch and Me and the Fat Man.