Kitchenella: The secrets of women: heroic, simple, nurturing cookery - for everyone

By Rose Prince

Kitchenella: the heroic feminine cook.

The continuing story of the rise and fall of good food finds us at the end of a decade of exceptional growth and opportunity, yet once again in crisis. We believe in food icons and celebrity chefs, but their philosophies are no longer convincing, because they cannot possibly understand the predicament of the average family, living through recession and trying to do it right in the kitchen. Where are the cooks with wit, who work out the budget and plan an easy dish that efficiently feeds family and friends?

Full of logical, economical and imaginative recipes that solve the modern cook’s dilemma, Kitchenella will teach you the skills of those teachers who work without books, the ‘mothers’ and the cooks who subsequently learned from them, to decisively show you the easy way to cook and shop.

Promoting a modest, simple way to cook, Kitchenella shows cooking is not about showing off and extravagance, but generosity and kindness; a subtle and intelligent way to nurture. It is cooking that is economically sustainable and achievable. It has its roots in the learned, spirited cooking of generations, food that can claim to have helped win wars and saved lives; a style of cooking that is still relevant today, by practically addressing the struggles of modern cooks, both men and women.

The ambition to cook is a fantasy for many, yet Kitchenella shows how the everyday struggle to put food on the table can be transformed into cooking that is clever and beautiful.

Format: Hardcover
Release Date: 16 Sep 2010
Pages: 448
ISBN: 978-0-00-732887-1
Rose Prince is a freelance food journalist and writer, whose work appears regularly in the Telegraph Magazine, the Independent on Sunday and the Spectator. She is the author of the highly acclaimed The New English Kitchen and writes a hugely popular column in the Daily Telegraph. She has contributed to the Food Programme, Woman\'s Hour, and You & Yours on BBC Radio 4. In 1999 she co-produced In the Footsteps of Elizabeth David a two-hour film for Channel 4 presented by Chris Patten. She lives in London with her husband, the journalist Dominic Prince, and their two children.

Reviews from The New English Table: -

‘An inspiring guide to rediscovering long-lost British ingredients and recipes.' Daily Mail -

”'Exceptionally handsome” - Observer

”'Quintessentially English and pretty, this collection is set to expand your knowledge of new ingredients and ways to use them.” - Sainsbury’s Magazine

”'200 completely delectable and original recipes in this inspiring new book.” - YQ Magazine

'Rose manages to turn traditional and unfamiliar ingredients into something special - but without the angst. We love how she recycles leftovers in ingenious ways to make really good food go further. Even nervous cooks will be won over!' SHE -

‘A proper kitchen book, made to spend time on the kitchen table…A book that chimes with the ‘new austerity’ ethos of buying wisely and making it last.’ Time Out -