How To Talk To Robots

By Tabitha Goldstaub

’…an essential and fascinating manual for every woman who wants to understand equality within an ever-changing, modern world.’ Scarlett Curtis

‘…[this book] taught me more than any book has ever taught me about AI.’ Chris Evans, Virgin Radio

How To Talk To Robots, is your girls guide to Artificial Intelligence. Entrepreneur Tabitha Goldstaub welcomes you into the AI world with a warm embrace. She brilliantly breaks down the tech-bro barriers offering a straightforward introduction and makes clear the enormous benefits of understanding AI..

If your social feed defines your spending habits or you’ve downloaded the latest filter to see what you’ll look like when you are old or now connect with your doctor using an app, have applied for a job online or used your phone to arrive at work in record time, AI is playing a part in how you live, work and play. We live in an era where machines are taught to learn and act without human intervention and there are infinite possibilities to their applications. The risk of these technologies biasing against you is real, and this book will give you tools to navigate the current and future developments consciously.

As well as explaining the risks Tabitha lays out the awesome benefits AI can offer. From spotting disease to tailoring education and tackling climate change the potential rewards are life-changing.

Starting with a potted history, Tabitha shines a light on the many unsung heroines since the rise of AI in the 1960s. In conversation with Karen Hao she simply demonstrates how the technology works (and sometimes doesn’t work!) and interviews a cross-section of women who use AI in their work today including Jeanette Winterson, Sharmadean Reid, Martha Lane Fox and Hannah Fry. This book doesn’t just present the challenge; Tabitha offers supportive practical advice and shares an extensive list of books, films, courses and more for further exploration.

However it is that you identify with womanhood, wherever you are in life, and whatever you do, this technology is inescapable and now is your time to make sure AI works for you – and not you for it!

Format: Paperback (A Format)
Release Date: 19 Oct 2021
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9780008328238

Tabitha Goldstaub is a tech entrepreneur and co-founder of CogX a Knowledge Network and yearly Festival. She is also the Chair of the UK Government’s AI Council and a recipient of the Amy Johnson Inspiration Award by the Women\'s Engineering Society which honours an individual who isn’t an engineer but has made a truly remarkable achievement in furthering diversity within engineering and applied sciences. How To Talk To Robots is her first book.

Praise for How To Talk To Robots:

‘Takes on the tech bros and provides a fun and accessible primer to artificial intelligence.’ The Financial Times

‘If you’re a woman who feels like the world of tech and AI is a boys club that you’ve been purposefully left out of, you might not be wrong! Artificial intelligence has the potential to hugely improve the lives of women or further propel us into a world even more dominated by the patriarchy. How to Talk to Robots is an essential and fascinating manual for every woman who wants to understand equality within an ever-changing, modern world. It is a VITAL text for every woman who wants answers to their questions – whether you know about tech or barely understand what AI means. READ THIS BOOK! It’s very important.’
Scarlett Curtis, Sunday Times bestselling author of Feminists Don’t Wear Pink

‘…[this book] taught me more than any book has ever taught me about AI’
Chris Evans, Virgin Radio

‘The must have equivalent of The Social Dilemma’
Virgin Radio listener

Praise for Tabitha Goldstaub:
‘Fast becoming one of the best-connected women in the UK…. Goldstaub is one of a small yet influential number of women who are reshaping the world of tech and how it reads – and interacts with our minds and bodies.’ VOGUE

‘There's a revolution under way — and a woman called Tabitha Goldstaub is on a mission to make sure not only that London takes the lead but that women are given an equal role in it.’ EVENING STANDARD

‘Tabitha Goldstaub…is particularly alarmed by AI’s potential for gender bias and, in an effort to address this, is spearheading a campaign to get more women working in the field.’ THE GUARDIAN

‘Start training like a robot now, says CognitionX's Tabitha Goldstaub’ CAMPAIGN MAGAZINE

‘…she’s on a mission to make sure women are given an equal role in it [AI].’ GRAZIA