How to Avoid GM Food: Hundreds of Brands, Products and Ingredients to Avoid

By Joanna Blythman

The first, groundbreaking book, by Britain’s foremost food commentator, Joanna Blythman, to tell you all you need to know about genetically modified food and how to avoid it – from bread to supermarket cook-chill suppers.

The development of GM foods is giving rise to the most important debate there has ever been over the way our food is produced. With thousands of GM foods in the pipeline, everyone needs to be aware of the implications and be able to make informed choices. In the first book to be published on GM foods, the country’s leading expert on food issues, Joanna Blythman, gives much needed information and advice on gene foods and tells you everything you need to know to shop defensively. She gives a general strategy for identifying and avoiding gene foods when you shop and, after exhaustive original research, lists, brand by brand, gene products. This includes everything from baby foods to drinks to toothpaste and vitamin supplements.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 08 Apr 1999
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1-84115-187-8
Joanna Blythman is Britain’s leading investigative food journalist and an influential commentator on the British food chain. She has won five Glenfiddich Awards for her writing, including a Glenfiddich Special Award for her first book, The Food We Eat, and the Glenfiddich Food Book of the Year Award in 2005 for Shopped, as well as a Caroline Walker Media Award for ‘Improving the Nation’s Health by Means of Good Food’, and a Guild of Food Writers Award for The Food We Eat. In 2004 she won the prestigious Derek Cooper Award, one of BBC Radio 4’s Food and Farming Awards. She has also written two other groundbreaking books, How to Avoid GM Food and The Food Our Children Eat. She writes and broadcasts frequently on food issues.