Greenfeast: Autumn, Winter (Cloth-covered, flexible binding)

By Nigel Slater

The second in a pair of fast, season-led vegetable books from beloved author and cook Nigel Slater.

‘Much of my weekday eating contains neither meat nor fish … It is simply the way my eating has grown to be over the last few years.’

From the start of autumn, we crave food that nourishes, food that sets us up for going out in the cold and wet. Greenfeast has over 110 gently sustaining recipes from milk, mushrooms and rice – as comforting as a cashmere blanket – big soups like tahini, sesame and butternut and crumbles made with leeks, tomato and pecorino. With puddings like ginger cake, cardamom and maple syrup, these spirit-lifting recipes are a varied and glorious celebration of simple, plant-based cooking. Highlights include:

Simple filo pastry filled with cheese and greens
A savoury tart of shallots, apples and Parmesan
Soothing polenta with garlic and mushrooms
Fiery udon noodles with tomato and chillies
Creamy pudding rice with rosewater and apricots

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 03 Oct 2019
Pages: 320
ISBN: 978-0-00-821377-0
Nigel Slater is the author of a collection of best-selling books and presenter of BBC 1\'s Eating Together, Simple Cooking and Dish of the Day. He has been food columnist for The Observer for over twenty years. His books include the classics Appetite and The Kitchen Diaries I, II and III and the critically acclaimed two-volume Tender. His award-winning memoir Toast: The Story of a Boy\'s Hunger won six major awards and was made into a BBC film starring Helena Bonham Carter and Freddie Highmore. Nigel’s writing has won the National Book Awards, the Glenfiddich Trophy, the André Simon Memorial Prize, the Fortnum & Mason Food Book Award and the British Biography of the Year. He was the winner of a Guild of Food Writers\' Award for his BBC 1 series Simple Suppers.

”'There’s a zen-like calm reading Greenfeast, the latest from Nigel Slater. Perhaps it’s the simple, yet graceful way he describes a dish: greens, coconut curry is 'vibrant, verdant'. Or the brushstrokes by artist Tom Kemp that punctuate pages throughout the book. Or simply that Slater writes so beautifully about how he - like so many of us - is eating less meat. But ultimately it’s the recipes. I dare you to open the book at any page and not say to yourself, 'Yes, I’d fancy that for dinner tonight'” - Independent

Praise for Nigel Slater: -

”'A dream of a book. Slater … has produced such a hymn to winter that we’ll all be able to cope with it this year” - Diana Henry, Telegraph

”'Congratulations Nigel! The Christmas Chronicles is a magical, cosy hug of a book” - Nigella Lawson

'Nigel is a bloody genius' Jamie Oliver -

'The greatest cookery writer of them all' Guardian -

”'The best food writers combine beauty with practicality, and no one does it more elegantly than Nigel Slater” - Jane Shilling, Daily Mail - BOOKS OF THE YEAR

'The pick of the bunch…bubbling with ideas, suggestions, hints and personal opinions that genuinely help you to make your own mind up about how and what to cook' The Times -

'He's a genius' Matthew Fort, Guardian -

‘Slater remains the reigning champion, a writer incapable of uninspiring sentences' Daily Express -

‘No one writes more temptingly about food' Independent -