Going Out

By Scarlett Thomas

From one of Britain’s leading young writers, ‘Going Out’ is a wickedly funny tale of friendship and a biting satire of modern times. A British Douglas Coupland.

He wants to go out. She wants to stay in. For some reason, they are best friends.

Luke and Julie are making a space suit. Along with their friends, Leanne, Charlotte David and Chantal, they are collecting silver foil, Wellington boots, a crash helmet and plastic piping. A camper van is waiting outside – ready for a journey that might just change all their lives.

Luke can’t remember the last time he went outside. He is twenty-five and stuck in his bedroom where the world comes to him through TV, Internet and Julie’s nightly visits. He suffers from XP, a mysterious allergic reaction to everything: sunlight, cats, the dust from moths’ wings.

Julie thinks that Luke’s life is perfect. She lives with her Dad and works in the local pizza restaurant. The more she experiences of the world, the less she wants to go out.

When an internet healer contacts Luke and claims that he can cure him, the two have to come face to face with their fears: they must go to Wales to meet the mysterious Wei. In a world of pop lyrics, pot noodles, retail parks and video games can dreams still come true? ‘Going Out’ is a wickedly funny story of hope, fears and friendship.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 05 Aug 2002
Pages: 368
ISBN: 978-1-84115-761-0
Scarlett Thomas is the author of three detective novels featuring Lily Pasquale. She is also the author of ‘Bright Young Things’. In 2001, she was named by the ‘Independent on Sunday’ as one of the 20 best British Young Writers. She is the Literary Editor of ‘Black Book’ magazine.

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