By Eleanor Wasserberg

A compulsive and chilling debut about a girl growing up in a cult


Green and Blue are sisters.

Foxlowe is home. Outside is Bad.

Green understands.

Why can’t Blue?

‘Will lure you in – then cut to the kill’ Guardian

‘Wonderfully tense’ Emerald Street

‘To read Foxlowe is not unlike wandering through Foxlowe itself on some long night: I felt never quite certain where the corridors might take me, nor whom I might meet on turning a corner; and in the final moments I found myself hurtling down a flight of steps into the darkSarah Perry, author of The Essex Serpent

‘The ending is like a punch to the throat’ The i

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 12 Jan 2017
Pages: 320
ISBN: 978-0-00-816410-2
Eleanor Wasserberg is a graduate of the Creative Writing Programme at the University of East Anglia. Originally from Staffordshire, she now lives in Norwich.

”'Will lure you in - then cut to the kill” - Sarah Perry, Guardian

”'A richly atmospheric Gothic debut . . . Foxlowe may give up its secrets, in the end, but it never gives up its hold” - Irish Times

”'Meticulously conceived and darkly compelling. Underpinning the claustrophobic horror is a parable of unchecked sibling rivalry, a girl’s desperate need for motherly love and the knotted consequences of childhood trauma” - Observer

”'Wonderfully tense” - Emerald Street

”'An accomplished debut . . . the ending is like a punch to the throat” - The i

”'Unsettling and persuasive, impressively well executed and, at the last, utterly disturbing. I'm still flinching away from thinking about the final scene” - Alison Flood, Lovereading

”'In hypnotic and compelling prose, Foxlowe weaves a darkly disturbing gothic spell” - Essie Fox

‘Mesmerising, gripping and beautifully written. It completely sweeps you up from beginning to end. I loved it' Kate Hamer, author of The Girl in the Red Coat -

”'Wasserberg has a strong and distinctive voice and this is an excellent debut” - Clare Mackintosh, author of I Let You Go

”'An extraordinary, astonishing story of a girl's longing for motherly love. Beautifully harrowing, and powerfully haunting, it is the most heartbreaking tale I have read this year” - Liz Nugent, author of Unravelling Oliver

”'I thoroughly enjoyed this vivid and claustrophobic coming-of-age debut” - Tasha Kavanagh, author of Things We Have in Common

”'Dissonant, haunting and superbly atmospheric. An immensely subtle and profoundly affecting debut” - Paraic O’Donnell, author of The Maker of Swans