Eve Green

By Susan Fletcher

With the death of a mother and the abduction of a young girl, Susan Fletcher has written a vividly beautiful novel about the innocence and terror of childhood.

Following the loss of her mother, eight-year-old Evie is sent to a new life in rural Wales – a dripping place, where flowers appear mysteriously on doorsteps and people look at her twice. With a sense of being lied to she sets out to discover her family’s dark secret – unaware that there is yet more darkness to come with the sinister disappearance of local girl Rosemary Hughes.

Now many years later Eve Green is waiting for the birth of her own child, and when she revisits her past something clicks in her mind and her own reckless role in the hunt for Rosie’s abductor is revealed…

A truly beautiful and hypnotic first novel, this is both an engaging puzzle and an enchanting work of literature.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 09 Dec 2010
Pages: 288
ISBN: 978-0-00-742782-6
Susan Fletcher was born in 1979 in Birmingham. ‘Eve Green’ was her first novel which went on to be a best-selling success; her latest novel is ‘Oystercatchers’.

”'Few coming of age novels have the beguiling power of this one … its lyrical intensity reminiscent of Laurie Lee, this is a precisely observed, immensely compelling and ultimately redemptive first novel” - Sunday Times

”'Evokes with a beguiling lyrical muscularity the peaks and troughs in the life of seven-year-old Evie” - Guardian

”'Susan Fletcher is a gifted storyteller” - Independent

”'An exceptional debut of grace and subtlety” - Observer

”'Beautifully rendered, the story moves easily from past to present, sensuously descriptive yet hauntingly sinister. Eve Green is an enthralling first novel from a major new talent” - Waterstone’s Books Quarterly

'This is my kind of heroine-that good mixture of romance and spirit, courage and self-doubt-steered through a gripping rite of passage towards a disturbing-but ultimately wholly satisfying-conclusion. I couldn't put it down. Susan Fletcher is a clever, assured writer who can write truthfullyabout love in its many guises' Mavis Cheek -

'A most impressive debut. The writing is lyrical, the characters are vivid and alive and the story makes you want to really turn the pages. In red-haired, mother-less Eve Green, Susan Fletcher gives you a heroine you won't forget.' Marika Cobbold -