Don’t Tell Me the Truth About Love

By Dan Rhodes

A collection of short stories from a wholly new voice – Dan Rhodes takes the sickly sweetness out of love and travels along its sour, sharp curves.

Erotic, passionate, tragic or doomed, love is above all a game of allusiveness and nuance, of fabulous grotesques and intimate loathings. In this collection, Dan Rhodes takes fables and spins them into suburban romances, twists domestic cosiness into mythical combat. Love for a Vietnamese cellist drives a man to transform himself into her cello; love is found on a council refuse site between an unnamed narrator and the ghostly Maria; the love of The Artist for his female muse consumes him, the search party sent to find him, the villagers who discover his mouldering body – all eaten by the small creatures of the forest. Against a backdrop reminiscent of Angela Carter with a sense of the emotionally horrid that would quieten even Will Self, Dan Rhodes has produced a spellbinding, haunting collection of timeless tales.

Author: Dan Rhodes
Format: Hardback
Release Date: 07 Feb 2001
Pages: 208
ISBN: 978-1-84115-195-3
Dan Rhodes is twenty-seven and this is his second book. It follows his previous collection of short stories – Anthropology – two of which were selected by Tibor Fisher for the Vintage collection New Writing (March 1999). His first novel will come next.