Dad You Suck: And other things my children tell me

By Tim Dowling

Written with self-excoriating candour and the driest humour, comes a book about being a dad from one of our best loved journalists.

For Tim Dowling, fatherhood has sometimes felt like two decades of lessons learned through failure.

1. Don’t give your children sugary drinks and expect them to be as sweet. You could end up with a chopstick in your earhole.

2. There is no reason holidays should be thought of as relaxing. Consider them an opportunity to be shrieked at in different climates.

3. ‘Let’s not tell mum about this’ is not legally binding. It never has been. You’re only trying to make yourself feel better.

Drawing on what actually feels like two lifetimes of experience, Dad You Suck is a hilarious account of the joy of fatherhood, and the subtle art of transforming your children’s insults into a reason for being.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 17 May 2018
Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-0-00-752771-7
Tim Dowling is the author of several books including the Sunday Times Humour Book of the Year, How to be a Husband. His popular weekly Guardian column charts the ups and downs of his family life.

Praise for HOW TO BE A HUSBAND: -

”'You'll whoosh through this book with cheery hoots of laughter… Dowling's a very fresh and smart writer… There's a proper laugh every couple of pages… But as well as being funny, which he has to be, Dowling is sometimes plangent… and he is more often than not wise… there's pleasure and treasure here” - Sam Leith, Guardian

”'There's no denying [HOW TO BE A HUSBAND’s] enormous readability … Dowling's frequently hilarious Bildungsroman, detailing his evolution from feckless layabout to equally feckless husband and father, offers wisdom, insight and laugh-out-loud one-liners in equal measure … Gloriously entertaining” - Alexander Larman, Observer

”'This isn’t a self-help book … What [Dowling] has done, effectively, is invent an entirely new genre in literature: that of the self-hinder book … A rare delight.” - Spectator

”'Less a self-help than a self-hinder book, the Guardian columnist’s account of how he has coped with the challenges of matrimony (answer: badly) should really be called How Not To Be a Husband.” - Thomas Hodgkinson, Spectator, Books of the Year

”’A charming book that claims erroneously, not to be a self-help guide. I’ve read it. My wife has read it. Divorce has been postponed, at least to Boxing Day.” - Sunday Times, Books of the Year

”'A charming book” - Sunday Times