Aphrodite’s Hat

By Salley Vickers

A wonderful collection of stories from the much-loved Salley Vickers.

The stories in this long-awaited collection by Salley Vickers all deal with psychological aspects of love: love given and withheld, love craved and lost, love met and disappointed; the differing shades of loves between friends, between parents and children, between children and other adults; love even, in one case, for a pet.

Psychologically acute, sharply written in lucid and often witty prose, these stories, set in Venice, Greece and Rome as well as London and the English countryside, take us into the complex geography of the human heart. Sometimes joyous and humorous, sometimes melancholy and poignant, this collection confirms Salley Vickers’ reputation as one of our most subtle and engaging writers.

Format: ebook
Release Date: 28 Oct 2010
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-741683-7
Salley Vickers is the author of six novels, including the bestselling Miss Garnet\'s Angel, Instances of the Number 3, Mr Golightly\'s Holiday and, most recently, Dancing Backwards. She has worked as a dancer, an artist\'s model, a university teacher of literature and a psychoanalyst.