And He Shall Appear

By Kate van der Borgh

A deeply unsettling story of obsessive friendship, dark magic and the ways in which we mythologise our past.

When a young man arrives in Cambridge as a first-year student, everything about him marks him as an outsider. There’s the punting and the politics, the wine and the waistcoats, all seemingly familiar to everyone but him. Then he falls under the spell of Bryn Cavendish.

A notorious partier and skilled magician, Bryn is magnetic. To be in his circle is to revel in clouds of ecstasy, untouched by the rules. To be exiled from it is to haunt the peripheries of campus life like a ghost.

As the academic year intensifies and Bryn’s magic tricks become more sinister, one question lingers. Is Bryn’s charisma the source of the influence he wields? Or is his mastery dependent on a much darker and dangerous power?

Format: ebook
Release Date: 12 Sep 2024
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-863656-2
Kate van der Borgh grew up in Burnley and studied Music at Cambridge. Now an award-winning copywriter, Kate is also a graduate of Faber’s six-month Writing A Novel course and has had her short fiction published by The Fiction Desk. Kate lives in Leytonstone with her husband, Leo, and her unruly greyhound, Pongo.