A Love for Food: Recipes and Notes for Cooking and Eating Well

By Daylesford

The ultimate in delicious, fresh food from the company who are dedicated to growing, producing and cooking real food.

The Daylesford recipe for delicious eating is simple – organic produce of the utmost quality. Ingredients from local producers, seasonal crops, humanely-reared meat and a simplified supply chain guarantees food that’s fresh, ethically-produced and, most importantly, full of flavour.

This beautiful book will help you make Daylesford’s award-winning recipes at home, showing you how to live healthily and simply throughout the food calendar year. With everything – from seven-seed sourdough bread to quintessentially English spiced apple cake, as well as delicious meat and game dishes, including Daylesford’s favourite rabbit, cider and mustard pie – the principles of good wholesome food and seasonality lie behind each carefully crafted dish.

Mark every season, with ideas on how to use a glut of vegetables from your garden, tasty jams and relishes to stock your winter larder and mouth-watering fruit confections for the summer months. This is the essential cookery book for organic food lovers everywhere.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 29 Aug 2013
Pages: 448
ISBN: 978-0-00-727479-6
Daylesford was set up by Carole Bamford in 2002 on her 1,700 acre estate in Gloucestershire. Passionately dedicated to sourcing top-quality, locally produced food, the business is based on self-sustaining organic farming model that explores the link between what we eat and where it comes from. They now have two farmshops with cafes in London, kitchen dining and farmshop in Esher, a concession in Selfridges Food Hall and farmshop and café in the Cotswolds.

”'This book captures the very essence of Daylesford, which has promoted real, sustainably produced food from the start. I love their produce, their philosophy and this book.” - Tom Parker Bowles

”'My first ever experience of organic farming and produce was at Daylesford, which from that moment opened my eyes and taste buds to a whole other level. Working and cooking with organic produce from Daylesford made me look at food in a whole new way.” - Tom Aikens

”'Real, simple, organic and sustainable food is what Daylesford offers its customers - and these are the recipes for putting it on your table.” - Raymond Blanc

”'For many years Daylesford has represented a virtuous example among responsible citizens all over the world and, along with Slow Food, is working towards a good, clean and fair food system.” - Carlo Petrini

”'A book of recipes to enchant every cook. When I think of how organic farming has been transformed, I think of Daylesford and its extraordinary and very beautiful food.” - Rose Prince

”'What is not to love about their perfectly pitched seasonal flair? Mulled wine and orange trifle? Don’t mind if I do.” - Daily Mail, 'Books of the Year’

”'Farmhouse cooking at its best” - Red Magazine

”'Full of updated British food with helpful advice about which variety of vegetable to grow.” - Country Life, 'Books of the Year '