A Film by Spencer Ludwig

By David Flusfeder

A hilarious and heartbreaking father-son road movie of a novel.

Spencer Ludwig, idealist and filmmaker, is making one of his regular duty visits from London to New York City to tend to his declining but still fearsome father. Driving back from one of their doctors’ appointments, Spencer decides not to take the turn to his father’s apartment: instead, they hit the road. Ahead of them will be an emotional ride taking in police and prostitutes, film festivals and gambling in Atlantic City, as father and son try to make sense of each other’s lives and hearts, and their own. To reach, Spencer hopes, a suitably cinematic conclusion.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 03 Feb 2011
Pages: 208
ISBN: 978-0-00-725032-5
David Flusfeder is the author of six novels, Man Kills Woman, Like Plastic, which won the Encore Award for best second novel, Morocco, The Gift, The Pagan House and A Film by Spencer Ludwig. He lives in South London with his family.

”'’A Film By Spencer Ludwig’, [is] such a joy to read…Spencer's own justification of his life as a 'real artist', and his reasons for despising mainstream cinema, are perfectly drawn” - Guardian

”'A tale of familial bonding involves encounters with the law, prostitutes, poker tables and unsavoury types, all spooled through Spencer’s filmic narrative…the most memorable sections of Flusfeder’s whimsical novel have the intimacy of a home movie” - Sunday Times

”'David Flusfeder is a stylishly masculine writer, and he pays fine tribute to the tenacious love that somehow binds this unlikeliest of father-son teams” - Daily Mail

”'A classy and original novel - wry, sad, tough-minded and stylishly written” - Al Alvarez