A Cook’s Book

By Nigel Slater

‘If you were to only have one Slater cookbook in your life, this is it’ OFM, Books of the Year

‘He is king among food writers’ Nigella Lawson

‘Slater’s best book’ Diana Henry, Sunday Telegraph

A Cook’s Book is the story of Nigel Slater’s life in the kitchen.

From the first jam tart Nigel made with his mum standing on a chair trying to reach the Aga, through to what he is cooking now, this is the ultimate Nigel Slater collection brimming with over 200 recipes.

He writes about how his cooking has changed from discovering the best way to roast a chicken to the trick to smoky, smooth aubergine mash. He gives the tales behind the recipes and recalls the first time he ate a baguette in Paris, his love of jewel-bright Japanese pickled radishes and his initial slice of buttercream-topped chocolate cake. These are the favourite recipes Nigel Slater cooks at home every day; the heart and soul of his cooking. Chapters include: a slice of tart, a chicken in the pot, everyday greens, the solace of soup and the ritual of tea. This is the essential Nigel Slater.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 14 Oct 2021
Pages: 512
ISBN: 978-0-00-821376-3
Nigel Slater is an award-winning author, journalist and television presenter. He has been the food columnist for the Observer for over twenty-five years. His collectionof bestselling books includes the classics Appetite and The Kitchen Diaries and the two-volume Tender. He has made cookery programmes and documentaries for BBC1, BBC2 and BBC4. His memoir Toast – the story of a boy’s hunger won six major awards and became a film and stage production. His writing has won the James Beard Award, the National Book Award, the Glenfiddich Trophy, the Andre Simon Memorial Prize, the British Biography of the Year and the Fortnum & Mason Best Food Book. He lives in London. He was awarded an OBE in the New Year Honours in 2020 for services to cookery and literature.

”'A Cook’s Book, all 500 pages and nearly one and a half kilos of it, enters the world as if from the kitchen of someone fresh to the world of food writing, a-brim with ideas, vital and enthusiastic . . . He is king among food writers . . . There is not a cook or a reader in the land who wouldn’t gratefully hug this new volume of his to their chest” - Nigella Lawson

”'A magnificent volume of comfort. After all these years, no one describes the simple sensuous pleasures of food better than Slater” - Bee Wilson

”'This is a book for life . . . This, and it’s high praise, is Slater’s best book” - Diana Henry, Sunday Telegraph

”'It’s so good. I think it’s his best one, and I say that because every single recipe is something you’d make tonight, for supper, with no fuss or stress . . . It’s super-homey and a friendly, comfortable book for people who don’t view recipes as projects. Divinely written, as per” - India Knight, Sunday Times

”'I've got five Nigel Slaters - and in all honesty I don't need a single new recipe in my life . . . But that's absolutely nothing to do with it. Cookery books are like new clothes - you imagine a whole life to go with them” - Alexandra Schulman, Daily Mail

”'It is beautiful” - Grace Dent

”'This beautiful book has all you’ll ever need” - Graham Norton, Virgin Radio

”'Every time Nigel Slater announces a new book, I quickly make a spot next to all his other books that sit on my bookshelf. His latest book, A Cook’s Book is like your favourite chocolate cake, sweetened with fond memories and layered with Nigel’s wisdom to make us all better cooks in the kitchen” - Nik Sharma

”'It’s gorgeous” - Felicity Spector

”'It’s beautifully designed, spilling over with tempting ideas” - Express Books of the Year

”'The beauty of his prose is matched to the warmth of his recipes” - Tom Parker-Bowles, Daily Mail