• Greenfeast

    • Nov 21, 2018 •

    The GreenFeast recipes are for those who want easy recipes for eating more vegetable dishes throughout the week and there will be suggestions for changing up each recipe, as well as lists and lists of quick ideas.
    GreenFeast is split into two volumes:  GreenFeast: spring summer (coming in May 2019) and GreenFeast: autumn winter (which will be published in September 2019). This is exactly the food everyone wants to eat now, in the style everyone loved in Eat, all told in Nigel’s warm and unique signature style.

  • Fortnum & Mason

    • Apr 8, 2018 •

    A joyous celebration of Fortnum & Mason’s love for extraordinary seasonal food, Christmas and Other Winter Feasts is filled with flavoursome recipes for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, as well as Guy Fawkes and Burns’ Night.

    From seasonable soups to hearty January eating, and featuring exclusive stories from the Fortnum & Mason archives, Christmas and Other Winter Feasts is the essential accompaniment to any party, gathering or feast.

  • Tales of Persuasion

    • Nov 8, 2015 •

    Backdrops vary in this collection of stories from the author of The Northern Clemency – from turmoil in Sudan following the death of a politician in a plane crash, to southern India where a Soho hedonist starts to envisage the crump and soar of munitions. Each story, regardless of location, reveals a great writer at the peak of his powers.

  • All at Sea

    • Oct 22, 2015 •
  • Raptor

    • Oct 7, 2015 •

    Of all the birds of the British Isles, the raptor reigns supreme, sparking the imagination like no other. In this magnificent hymn to these beautiful animals, James Macdonald Lockhart explores all fifteen breeding birds of prey on these shores – from the hen harrier swimming over the land in the dregs of a May gale on Orkney, to the ghostly sparrowhawk displaying in the fields around his home in Warwickshire. This is a book that will change how we think of our own skies.

  • A Life Discarded

    • Oct 3, 2015 •

    A Life Discarded is a biographical detective story. In 2001, 148 tattered and mould-covered notebooks were discovered lying among broken bricks in a skip on a building site in Cambridge. Tens of thousands of pages were filled to the edges with urgent handwriting. They were a small part of an intimate, anonymous diary, starting in 1952 and ending half a century later, a few weeks before the books were thrown out. Over five years, the award-winning biographer Alexander Masters uncovers the identity and real history of their author, with an astounding final revelation.

    A Life Discarded is a true, shocking, poignant, often hilarious story of an ordinary life. The author of the diaries, known only as ‘I’, is the tragicomic patron saint of everyone who feels their life should have been more successful. Part thriller, part love story, part social history, A Life Discarded is also an account of two writers’ obsessions: of ‘I’s need to record every second of life and of Masters’ pursuit of this mysterious yet universal diarist.

  • The Living

    • Oct 3, 2015 •

    The simple sweetness of being hungover and not able to think; the sadness as the electric lights come on and the air holds the smell of dhoop and wood smoke; the way a funeral can feel like a film premiere; the way certain words – beer garden, holiday home – tell you you’re meant to be having a good time; the way a catastrophe removes that terrible sadness children feel on a cloudy summer day looking at line of trees waiting just waiting for something to happen.

    Feelings so common, so universal, that they are rarely thought about are, in this superb novel, given centre stage, described with great accuracy, lyrical beauty and heartbreaking poignancy.

    They are felt by two characters. Claire is a single mum working in one of England’s last remaining shoe factories in Norwich. Her life hasn’t worked out quite as she hoped. Arun is an elderly Indian man who still makes chappals by hand. A recovering alcoholic, he is settling into old age. A novel about dying industries, families and ordinary life, THE LIVING reveals the often overlooked beauty in our everyday vocabulary and everyday life.