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  • Burns Night, and ‘We British’

    • Jan 25, 2016 • Tags: , , ,

    ‘As a half-Scot who grew up in darkest Argyll, I have a certain fondness for Burns Night, and over the years I’ve seen celebrations of the birthday of Scotland’s best-loved poet take many different forms: rowdy gatherings of hungry friends roasting enormous trays of foil-wrapped haggises (to be solemnly addressed before eating); energetic thrashing around the dance floor at a ceilidh (though you can do this any time of year, of course); and I’ll always remember the time my dad made us all listen to his version of Tam O’Shanter for weeks on end in preparation for his own upcoming Burns Night recital. Read more…

  • Podcast: 4 Poems – Andrew Marr

    Andrew Marr
    • Oct 15, 2015 • Tags: , , , ,

    Podcast‘I hope that it adds up to a new way of thinking about who we have been, and who we are now’
    Andrew Marr’s new book, We British: The Poetry of a People  is out now, published by 4th Estate Books. The British have never had a musical tradition to rival that of Russia or Germany; or the gloriously exuberant architecture of Paris or Rome; or the coherent worldview of classical China. What they have had is the richest and most remarkable tradition of poetry of any major culture. This book is an attempt to use British poetry as the framework for a kind of alternative epic, the story of what it was like to be British, told through poetry, and sometimes through the stories of the poets.

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