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  • CRIMIN4L: We Are Not Such Things

    • Apr 22, 2016 • Tags:

    On the cover of We Are Not Such Things are three boys, about five or six years old, dressed in smart Sunday best. The photograph is faded, but the boys are clear-skinned and bright-eyed, drowning slightly in their little rumpled suits. One of these boys – the one on the right, looking away from you and into the distance – is Easy Nofemela. Many years after this photo was taken, he would stand in a Cape Town courtroom, accused, among others, of the brutal murder of a young white American woman called Amy Biehl. The state lawyer would assert his view that Amy’s murder could not have been committed with a political objective, that ‘It was wanton brutality, like a pack of sharks smelling blood. Isn’t that the truth?’ And Easy, a man now, responded ‘No, that’s not true, that’s not true. We are not such things.’ Read more…