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  • Food From 4th: Anna Jones’ Not-chicken soup

    • Jan 19, 2018 • Tags: , , ,

    This is a soup for the soul; chicken soup without the chicken and with no apology. It’s the get-well soup I have been searching for, to cure whatever ails you, whether that’s a cold or a broken heart. As gentle and as nourishing as they come, the soup has a base of slow-cook sweet fennel and leek, layered with old friends celery and carrot, with a pep of ginger and lemon and a warmth from a generous amount of white pepper. Crisp little pieces of tofu top the broth, sticky from a minute or two in a pan, with some soy and a sprinkling of seasoning.

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  • Food From 4th: Charred Mushroom and Cashew Pizza from ‘A Modern Way to Cook’

    Food35 MINUTES

    ‘My vegan brother Owen regularly puts in requests for things he misses from the old days. Most frequently they’re for banoffee pie or a really good pizza, and this is what I make him. I love cooking and eating vegan food – it leaves me feeling light and bright, and I relish how it makes me rethink my cooking because it takes a little more attention.
    If vegan cooking can sometimes be considered time-consuming and complicated, or worthy and uninteresting, pizza proves that’s not the case. This pizza topping also works amazingly on my cauliflower pizza base from A Modern Way to Eat, which is a good gluten-free alternative. Read more…