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  • The Leftovers: Episode 1

    • Sep 21, 2014 • Tags: , ,

    As is usually the case when a book is adapted, a few of us wondered, in the 4th Estate office, how true to the book  The Leftovers HBO adaptation would be. The first question was, ‘who will be cast?’ An all-star cast was delivered to us. Second question: ‘do you think the disappearances will be limited to Mapleton, like in Tom Perrotta’s novel, or would the rapture be worldwide?’ The latter is true, and, to our delight, this aspect of the novel, like many others, is done so well that there were no grumbles the following day that ‘the book is so much better, they shouldn’t have bloody touched it’. Read more…

  • Are you one of the Leftovers?

    • Sep 17, 2014 • Tags: , , ,

    When reading The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta, I found myself haunted by the notion of those around me disappearing in a split second. Even once I’d accepted the ‘Sudden Departure’, the sense of unease it had provoked rooted itself in my mind. With loved ones disappearing into the unknown and those left behind in turmoil, the severed contact between the lost and the leftover is deeply unnerving. Read more…