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  • 4thcoming: Seni Glaister

    Seni GlaisterName: Seni Glaister

    Occupation: CEO of The Book People

    Twitter: @BookPeopleSeni

    Book: The Museum of Things Left Behind

    What’s it about: Full of wisdom, humour and light, The Museum of Things Left Behind  is a heart-warming fable for our times that asks us to consider what we have lost and what we have gained in modern life. A book about bureaucracy, religion and the people that really get things done, it is above all else a hymn to the inconstancy of time and the pivotal importance of a good cup of tea.

    Why we’re excited: When The Museum of Things Left Behind first came into the office, it was submitted anonymously. That it was snapped up by editorial director Clare Reihill instantly is a testament to its magnificence, its instant pull, and the confidence that Seni Glaister knows how to tell a story.  Read more…