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  • Will Smith & Jesse Armstrong: An Online 4th Estate Literary Salon

    When we published Mainlander last year, we knew that we had something special in our hands, written by an author who had always made us laugh both off and onscreen in The Thick of It and VEEP (to name but two of the brilliant shows Will writes for). When we heard word that Jesse Armstrong, a fellow screenwriter (on The Thick of It and VEEP)  we knew that we had to get them into a studio together.

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  • 4thcoming: Will Smith

    Name: Will Smith 10913504_10153022931593584_1209454771_n

    Twitter: @willsmithuk

    Occupation: Screenwriter

    Book: Mainlander

    What’s it about: ‘Jersey 1987, and the storm clouds are gathering over Colin Bygate. Sitting on a headland stewing over the discovery that his wife used to date Rob de la Haye, a brash hotelier who is everything that Colin is not, he spots a pupil near the edge of the cliff. Worried that the boy may have intended to jump, he drives him home, hoping that his gloomy imagination was playing tricks. But when the boy fails to turn up to school the next day, Colin feels duty bound to track him down, pitting him against the Island establishment who would rather there was a little less noise around this particular absence. A web of characters is spun around this mystery, each with their own secrets. For living in Jersey, where everyone knows everyone else’s business, you must become your own island.’ Read more…