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  • Burns Night, and ‘We British’

    • Jan 25, 2016 • Tags: , , ,

    ‘As a half-Scot who grew up in darkest Argyll, I have a certain fondness for Burns Night, and over the years I’ve seen celebrations of the birthday of Scotland’s best-loved poet take many different forms: rowdy gatherings of hungry friends roasting enormous trays of foil-wrapped haggises (to be solemnly addressed before eating); energetic thrashing around the dance floor at a ceilidh (though you can do this any time of year, of course); and I’ll always remember the time my dad made us all listen to his version of Tam O’Shanter for weeks on end in preparation for his own upcoming Burns Night recital. Read more…

  • Ahead of the Scottish Independence Referendum

    • Aug 18, 2014 • Tags: , ,

    With just five weeks to go before a referendum on September 18th in which Scotland will decide whether or not they’ll end the 307-year union they have with England, we thought it would be nice to bring you some of 4th Estate and latterly Harper Perrenial’s most loved Scottish books. These titles draw on Scottish history and what it is to be Scottish, set against the beautiful backdrop of the Scottish land and waters. Read more…