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  • Write Here: Kyo Maclear

    • Feb 10, 2017 • Tags:

    A few years ago, I became an air writer. I was not bereft of ideas. I was simply unable to commit any of them to paper. Instead, I wrote paragraphs in my head. This may have been interesting in a conceptual John Cage sort of way, but it was more than a little frustrating.

    There were reasons for this stoppage. My father had recently suffered two strokes, and even when the pressures of emergency care subsided into a quieter form of durational care, I found myself in a permanent state of vigil and anxiety. I had grown so accustomed to being interrupted by emergency calls and hospital news, I began interrupting myself whenever I sat down to work.

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  • Cover Reveal: Birds Art Life Death by Kyo Maclear

    CoverWe’re delighted to reveal the cover of Birds Art Life Death, in which author Kyo Maclear’s search for inspiration, beauty, and solace leads her to birds in an intimate and exuberant meditation on creativity and life – a field guide to things small and significant.

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