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  • Orlando’s Gap Yah Book Touah!!

    Gap Yah Plannah by Orlando
    • Nov 11, 2011 • Tags: , , ,

    This has literally been the most glamorous and exotic book tour imaginable; London, Oxford, Norwich. I was hoping Fourth Estate would also send me out to Tanzanah in Africah, but apparently the number of extra books I could sell out thah ‘wouldn’t warrant the cost’ of sending me. I was as surprised as anyone, but then I was told people could just get a signed book in the UK and then bring it out on their gap yah. These publishers think of everything. Besides, I had just come back from Tanzanah anyway (went there on my gap yah – rentals footed the bill…) so I probs didn’t need to go again. In fact, I’d been to most places in the world, recently – Australiah, Africah, South Americah, South East Asiah, Indyah, basically, like, everywah. So maybe it was time I did some exploring, but not in the foreign, in the UK.

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