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  • 4x4th Estate: Graduation

    4 books fresh from campus, recommended to you by us at 4th Estate.

    ‘You know what college does for you? It makes you really smart, man’    

    Kanye West, School Spirit Skit 1

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  • Fiction4theFuture – The Art of Fielding

    • Nov 3, 2011 • Tags:

    A wonderful, warm novel from a major new American voice.

    ‘Reading The Art of Fielding is like watching a hugely gifted young shortstop: you keep waiting for the errors, but there are no errors. First novels this complete and consuming come along very, very seldom.’ Jonathan Franzen

    In The Art of Fielding, we see young men who know that their four years on the baseball diamond at Westish College, “a little school in the crook of the thumb of the baseball glove that is Wisconsin,” are all they have left of their sporting careers. Only their preternaturally gifted fielder, Henry Skrimshander, seems to have the chance to keep his dream – and theirs, vicariously – alive, until a routine throw goes disastrously off course, and the fates of five people are upended.

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