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  • Charles Bukowski with cats.

    • Nov 18, 2016 • Tags: , ,

    Charles Bukowski with white cat

    the history of a tough motherfucker

    he came to the door one night wet boney beaten and
    a white cross-eyed tailless cat
    I took him in and fed him and he stayed
    got to trust until a friend drove up the driveway
    and ran him over
    I took what was left to a vet who said, “not much
    chance . . . give him these pills and wait . . . his backbone
    is crushed, it was crushed once before but somehow
    melded, if he lives he’ll never walk again, look at
    these x- rays, he’s been shot, look here, the pellets
    are still in him . . . also, he once had a tail, somebody
    cut it off . . .”


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