4th Estate Matchbook Classics

In the mid-twentieth century, the matchbox industry was booming. Companies had to stand out, so they began commissioning designers and illustrators to create tiny works of graphic art for their labels. Despite its limitations, this small canvas allowed for some big ideas: foxes skipping through Polish forests, celebrations of Russia’s space race successes and orchards coming into season. These micro-masterpieces serve as the inspiration for our new 4th Estate Matchbook Classics series.

The ten books in the series – novels, memoirs and one very unusual biography – are some of the best loved and most admired that we have published. Revolutions, mental illness, a vicarage  upbringing, families caught in civil war, soldiers in Vietnam and a man who can only communicate by blinking his left eyelid: these books display a full range of the human experience and thrillingly bring it to life. Each can be considered one of the great books of our time, as unique as the matchbox that inspired its cover.

These beautiful new editions will be published on the 4th April.

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