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  • Books to Help You Understand the US

    After one of the most divisive and contentious campaigns in the country’s history, today America goes to the polls to elect the next leader of the free world. The rest of us watch and wait with bated breath. After a year of political turmoil around the world, nobody can predict the result of today’s vote. So on the day of the most nail-biting political event of the year, distract yourself with our 4 by 4th list of essential reading (in no particular order) for exploring the real issues facing the most powerful nation on earth, and understanding the enigma that is the United States

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  • #BlackFriday Jonathan Franzen giveaway

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    Secrets were power. Money was power. Being needed was power.

    Power, Power, Power: How could the world be organised around the struggle for a thing so lonely and oppressive in the having of it?


    Black Friday sparks a kind of consumerist frenzy, either performed privately – through the careful monitoring of numerous baskets across countless online retailers, or publicly – racing to your local Tesco’s at the stroke of midnight, lugging your widescreen home in the early hours, cradled uneasily in the boot of your car.

    We wanted to offer a calming antidote to all that stress, in the form of Jonathan Franzen’s Purity.

    We have four absolutely beautiful signed, extremely limited-edition versions of his bestselling book, wrapped up in gleaming black and gold. These are four of a grand total of fifteen, and are THE ONLY ones in circulation in the entire world – just the kind of money-can’t-buy offering to counteract the consumerist tide.

    Franzen Purity

    To enter the competition, just fill in the form below, and we’ll announce the winner next Friday. Or you could double your chances… we’re giving one away on twitter just for today – follow @4thEstateBooks and look out for further instructions.

    If you’re still hankering after the white version, you can buy it here, or from the usual suspects.