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  • ‘Draw, confess your guilt, write a story’ – Malik Sajad

    • Nov 10, 2015 • Tags: , , ,

    A picture’s worth a thousand words.


    This phrase kept coming to my mind when reading Malik Sajad’s wonderfully drawn Munnu: A Boy From Kashmir.

    Sajad’s work tells a thousand stories of sorrow and loss during the whirlwind of political instability that surrounded Indian-administered Kashmir during the 1990s. The ink drawings come alive on the page as the reader becomes absorbed by the nightmarish conflict that engulfed Sajad’s childhood. Inspired by German expressionist woodcuts, Sajad has managed to create a world of shadows where death blends with life, ink with paper, Pakistani with Indian. Kashmir. The very word seems to echo the cries of all whose lives were torn apart.
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  • ‘Autobiography is perhaps the biggest fiction of all’. An interview with artist, writer and designer Stanley Donwood

    • Apr 25, 2014 •

    Artist and writer Stanley Donwood is known for his close associations with Radiohead, having created the album and poster art for their albums, EPs and singles since 1994. His work is startlingly recognisable, and this unique and unsettling aesthetic made him the perfect candidate to design twenty one covers for our J.G. Ballard reissue editions. When approached by editor Clare Reihill, he responded that the request was ‘better than an OBE’. Donwood’s creativity, vision and unique execution have resulted in covers that are as mesmeric as the words within them.

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