Your Face Here: British Cult Movies Since the Sixties

Simon Wells and Ali Catterall

‘The film book of the year. Reserve your copy now.’ HOTDOG

The definitive guide to the history and location of Britain’s most famous cult movies, from A Hard Day’s Night to Trainspotting, with dozens of new interviews, unseen photographs, maps and film sites – and how to find them.

“You’re a big man, but you’re in bad shape”; “I demand to have some booze!”; “Choose Life…”

A Hard Day’s Night, If, Performance, A Clockwork Orange, Get Carter, The Wicker Man, Quadrophenia, Withnail & I, Naked, Trainspotting…

In the 1990s an industry has grown up around certain British cult movies – soundtracks, videos, internet sites and fully-fledged cinema reissues. The makers of these films have become icons of cool, revered throughout the worlds of film, music and fashion. But what makes these films into lifestyles? Your Face Here will tell you why and how.

Ali Catterall and Simon Wells have talked to writers, filmmakers and eyewitnesses, and scouted dozens of location sites to create the definitive history of and guide to over thirty years of British cult movies. Fully illustrated.

Reviews of Your Face Here: British Cult Movies Since the Sixties

    • ‘A gloriously idiosyncratic and delightfully eclectic book.’ Mike Leigh
    • ‘The film book of the year. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about 12 great British films but were afraid to ask, from A Hard Day’s Night to Trainspotting and Lock, Stock … Reserve your copy now.’HOTDOG *****
    • ‘Your Face Here’ is that rare thing: A book about cult movies that is actually readable.’Jockey Slut, Book of the Month
    • ‘Unashamed anoraks, Your Face Here’s authors have unstintingly researched their subjects and come up with a fascinatingly idiosyncratic homage.’Big Issue