Patrick French

In this travelling biography, Patrick French tells the story of the man who held the world record for the three hundred yard dash, discovered a new overland route from China to India, and organised the early assaults on Mount Everest. In 1904 it was Francis Younghusband who single-handedly turned a small diplomatic mission into a full-scale military invasion of the last unexplored country on earth: Tibet.

Younghusband spent much of his early life as a leading player in the Great Game – the battle of wits over the uncharted territory of High Asia – and his presumed death as a spy in the Pamirs almost sparked off a war between British India and Tsarist Russia. But despite being a classic Edwardian, full of pomposity and repression, in the post-World War I era, he led the way in outlandish, mystical philosophical and sexual free-thinking.

Reviews of Younghusband

  • ‘Breathtakingly accomplished.’ Jonathan Keats, Observer

    ‘I cannot begin to do justice to the skill and the fun of this happy work. Younghusband is a glorious biography, fair, frank, and always interesting. They don’t come much more enjoyable than this.’ Jan Morris, Independent

    ‘I found myself reading through the night. This is a rare gem of a book.’ Fiammetta Rocco, Independent on Sunday

    ‘A charming biography which mingles travel with impressive research.’ Ian Thomson, Sunday Times

    ‘This is a wonderful book: beautifully written, wise, balanced, fair, funny and above all extremely original…an altogether brilliant debut.’ William Dalrymple, Spectator

    Praise for ‘Liberty or Death’:

    ‘Brilliant…There can surely now be no serious doubt French is the most impressive Western historian of modern India currently at work.’ Frank McLynn, Glasgow Herald

    ‘Well researched, beautifully written and immensely scholarly.’ Andrew Roberts, Sunday Times

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