You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine

Alexandra Kleeman

‘The next voice of a generation’ Elle


A young woman called A lives with a young woman called B. B is becoming more and more like A: wearing her clothes, using her make-up. If A’s boyfriend, C, likes A because A is A, but now B is the same is A, where does that leave A?

‘Brilliant. A contemporary take on Single White Female as scripted by Miranda July, shot through with elements of a distinctly Atwoodian dystopia’ Observer

‘A disturbing, super-smart mysteryDaily Mail

‘As good a debut as I’ve ever read’ Zadie Smith

Reviews of You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine

    • ‘An existential thriller written in prose that points the way to the future. You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine is as good a debut as I’ve ever read’ Zadie Smith
    • ‘A disturbing, super-smart mystery’ Daily Mail
    • ‘Strange, entertaining … a clever satire on the naval-gazing horrors of contemporary life’ Financial Times
    • ‘Weird and wonderful’ Metro
    • ‘Kleeman tackles zeitgeist female themes of wellness, orthorexia and individualism with a sharp and original voice. Most potent is her uncanny fascination with the body, which leaves you feeling totally off-kilter with your own’ Sunday Times
    • ‘Absurd and brilliant … exalts in inventive, visceral language’ Daily Telegraph
    • ‘Alexandra Kleeman’s debut tackles gender dynamics; advertising; our relationship with food, and ponders what it means to be a woman living in a world obsessed with how the female body looks’ Psychologies
    • ‘Destined to be one of the most talked about books this year’ Reader’s Digest
    • ‘Everyone knows we inhabit a woozy landscape of flatness, repetition and irregular bodies, and here at last is its hyper-contemporary description. Alexandra Kleeman possesses a new tone – comical, malignant and addictive’ Adam Thirlwell
    • ‘Thomas Pynchon. David Foster Wallace. Don de Lillo. Haruki Murakami … No one seems to have considered what a feminine equivalent might be. You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine provides the answer’ Emerald Street
    • ‘The next voice of a generation’ Elle