William Pitt the Younger

William Hague

William Pitt the Younger was one of the most extraordinary figures in British history. Prime minister at the age of twenty-four, he went on to dominate British politics for two decades, presiding over such complex and treacherous national crises as the madness of King George III, the beleaguered union with Ireland, the fallout from the French Revolution and the trauma of the Napoleonic Wars. With the keen eye of an experienced politician, William Hague examines the enigmatic life and tumultuous times of a man capable of both wit and arrogance, economic genius and financial mismanagement. A rich cast of characters and a vivid backdrop of global conflict make this riveting biography of Pitt the Younger compulsive reading.

Reviews of William Pitt the Younger

  • ‘A shrewd political biography and a sensitive portrait of one of our most enigmatic heroes.’ Simon Sebag Montefiore

    ‘One of the most enjoyable biographies for years…if you buy only one political biography this year, make it the one.’ John Major

    ‘A first-class work of history; informative, well written and captivating.’ The Times

    ‘What makes the book such an engrossing and stimulating read is the author’s passion for and understanding of politics.’ Sunday Times

    ‘A weighty and scholarly biography…the empathy, indeed the identification of subject with author, is remarkable. Hague deserves an accolade…he has written a serious, detailed and thoughtful study of one of Britain’s greatest prime ministers.’ Shirley Williams, Guardian

    ‘Truly fine…The need for a distinguished, readable, single-volume work has long been recognised. William Hague has now triumphantly filled this gap.’ Scotsman

    ‘Narrated with a finely attuned sense of the politically dramatic.’ Andrew Roberts, Evening Standard

    ‘A reliable and readable account of an unusual politician and a tragic life.’ Spectator

    ‘A fascinating account.’ Christopher Foyle, Mail on Sunday

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