Who Lies Where

Michael Kerrigan

The final, missing, chapter in the biographies of the famous, infamous, eccentric and legendary figures found in the graveyards and cemeteries of the British Isles.

This guide to famous graves is more than a gazeteer of where celebrities ended their days, it is the story of how they arrived there (Arthur Conan Doyle via a laundry van), in what state (mouldy, for Mary Shelley’s parents, who were disinterred by Ms Shelley and reburied in Bournemouth) and regardless often of their final wishes (Dickens wanted to be buried in Rochester but was re-

moved to Westminster Abbey, where the explorer Henry Stanley expected to be placed alongside David Livingstone but for a dean’s objection to his lack of moral wholesomeness). With tales from the metropolises to the sacred sites, visiting the famous mass graveyards and remote individual plots, and including an array of the famous from eighth-century kings to twentieth-century kings of comedy, this is the ultimate guide to the wonderful world of the dead.

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