What’s New, Pussycat?

Alexandra Potter

Why, why, why Delilah?

D is for Delilah. D is for decisions that you made when you were too young to know what you were doing. D is for deciding to now do something about them. Delilah Holdsworth is leaving Bradford, leaving her boyfriend Lennie and taking her Tom Jones’ collection, her pet whippet Fatso, and her belief in herself to the bright lights of the big city…

My, My, My Delilah

And now that she’s arrived, it seems that Delilah was just what the big city was waiting for. And whether it’s Charlie, the ultimate meejia boy, or sweet Sam, Delilah is desperate not to make the wrong decisions again. Vivienne, the best nbf a girl could have is handing out some very strange advice, yet Delilah must still face a whole new world – on her own – and then really start to live.

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