What Makes Women Happy

What Makes Women Happy

Fay Weldon

With her inimitable wit and insight, Fay Weldon offers her wisdom on the subject of female happiness and how to achieve it.

What makes women happy? Nothing, for more than ten minutes at a time, so stop worrying.

In this book, Fay Weldon offers wisdom gleaned from a remarkable life, a brilliantly successful career and a fair share of trouble. She explores what makes women happy; how our lives, jobs, families, bodies, desires, morals and responsibilities affect that happiness, and what we can do to lead more rounded and desirable lives. As she delivers the verdicts, she also delivers short stories, or perhaps parables, to prove her points. To be good, she concludes, is to be happy, to be happy is to be good. The Victorians had it right.

A blend of philosophy, storytelling and self-help, this inspirational work shows Weldon at the peak of her creative powers, brisk, stylish and entertaining.

Reviews of What Makes Women Happy

    • ‘Wise, witty and barbed.’ Sunday Times
    • ‘Weldon always has interesting things to say about the battle of the sexes and there is plenty of wry humour along the way.’ Mail on Sunday
    • ‘It’s all here: orgasms, hen nights, coveting best friends’ husbands, the joy of friends, sisters bearing gifts and caramelised bananas…This is brilliant to dip into when you’re annoyed with the world.’ Eve
    • ‘If you want the truth about the man-woman thing, forget all those cloying self-help books and read Fay Weldon.’ New York Times