Wasting Time

Sarah Harris

A satirical debut novel dissecting the progress in love and work of three young women in contemporary London. Widely reviewed and discussed on original publication for its acerbic view of the world of television news. A highly perceptive insight into the lives of young women in today’s supposedly ‘post-feminist’ society.

’A brave attempt to come clean about the way that many young women feel now about the career/motherhood/domesticity dilemma. Light, funny and very readable. The conclusions to be drawn about the complex expectations and desires of modern life are potent. An impressive and entertaining debut, Wasting Time will strike a frightening chord with anyone who has found herself in the office at 9 o’clock on a Friday night yearning for the life her mother had.’ Times

’1998’s answer to Bridget Jones’s Diary, Wasting Time is a pre-requisite for every thirty-something. It’s a hilarious and perceptive account of three very different women obsessed with relationships, careers and working wardrobes. A well-crafted debut from a writer with a razor-sharp wit and a power of observation that’s spot-on.’ ‘Book of the Month’, Sunday Post

Reviews of Wasting Time

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